1G Pure Cocaine 100% uncut straight from Peru ★SPECIAL OFFER★

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64,307.78 USD/BTC

This coke will NOT make you jittery or leave you with any anxious side effects all you will notice is you will want more and more and more. Very easy going and smooth when going up the nose, nice back drop and no blocked nose the next day after use.

Quality Cocaine, straight from the block. Rubs to oil with no residue. Very nice – would advise to go easy on it.


Delivery to United States is possible!

Shipping to Ashburn 2-5 days!

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Common slang words for cocaine

  • Coke
  • Blow
  • Big C
  • Charlie
  • Flake
  • Happy dust
  • Percy
  • Star dust
  • White
  • Dust
  • Line
  • Rail
  • Snow
  • Powder
  • Stash
  • Pearl
  • Bum

3 reviews for 1G Pure Cocaine 100% uncut straight from Peru ★SPECIAL OFFER★

  1. fl0ridam1ke

    worth every cent

    I love Peru 😉

  2. BigBadB

    How do I know this is legit and I’m not gonna get arrested upon delivery? I’ve always wanted to try pure shit so I can compare to the stuff we get here in Canada haha

  3. D brow

    Is this still available?

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