Buy Bitcoin

Buying drugs with Bitcoin

There are a lot of drugs vendors who sell the products on the Internet. However, almost all such web stores don’t accept any payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and gift cards, except cryptocurrencies. It is the safest method that protects the financial and personal data of both sides of the deals. Bitcoin is accepted by most venders. If you don’t have Bitcoin on your account, you cannot obtain drugs.

Actually, there are some ways to buy Bitcoin.
First of all, you need to get an anonymous wallet such as Electrum, BlockChain or any other. When you get a personal address of your account (wallet), it helps you to send BTC to an appropriate vendor. I don’t recommend to use Coinbase wallet as it is not reliable wallet provider. When you create an account on Bitcoin Wallet, you should remember and write down your code in some safe and secure place. If you forget or lose your seed (wallet), you will probably will not get in your Bitcoin Wallet ever again. All your data of wallet, including Bitcoin amount and other financial data, will be lost forever. Therefore, when you create a new crypto account, you gotta back up your wallet data.

There are many other exchanges that also sell Bitcoin and work as wallets. Actually, all crypto owners and enthusiasts use the following scheme with BTC: they buy Bitcoin from one wallet and then move to another. It is crucial moment in the buying process.
Coinbase has Terms of Use, the violation of which leads to the cancellation of transactions. If administrators doubt the actions of some users with cryptocurrencies, they instantly block them. In addition, this crypto resource makes reports to the government on all purchases that have been made by registered users. Question yourself if you want to be caught by the tax police or any other government agencies for buying drugs with Bitcoin. I think the answer is “No”. Therefore, be careful with choosing a place where it is better to buy Bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin on the common platforms

You need to learn more information about all available websites-wallets before making a decision, which one is more appropriate for you. These days there are plenty of different exchange platforms in the Internet. This makes it difficult to choose. However, there are some the most common and popular among crypto owners websites. Look through the list of these web wallets that includes:

  • Wirex  – one of the App that is considered a reliable and trusted crypto wallet. Users can easily get it from the App store.
  • Local Bitcoin – the widely used platform among current crypto users. It is supposed to be the most easiest way to buy BTC. If people buy cryptocurrencies on this resource, it probably means that this place is approved by crypto community.
  • Bitquick  – as you can see from the name of this platform, it is a quick wallet. It takes about only 3-5 hours to obtain Bitcoin. But the charges and commissions are also high and much expensive.
  • Gocelery – this platform seems a little doubtful, therefore it is better to monitor this wallet for some days before placing BTC here.
  • Coinbase  – we mentioned this platform above. This place is well known and widely used in the community. However, they set limits based on users’ credit history. This web service has a strict policy. In case they are unsure of your financial activities, they can close your account and ask you to take out your crypto coins. It is better to choose a platform that will not control all your financial transactions and will not limit your actions.
  • Gemini  – this service has high level of protection and requires plenty of personal information of users for verification. You need to provide all the information before  registering on this platform.
  • BTC ATMs  – such ATMs are usually placed in big cities. They allow people to transfer coins from one wallet to another or to buy BTC as well. The fees for using ATMs can be different and depend on the transactions’ details.

When you receive bitcoin, it is better to send it to an anonymous wallet first (you can choose one of the ones we mentioned at the beginning of the article). Your next step should be to place an order via email using anonymous email (take one of the most popular such as countermail or tutanota). After that, the web resource should provide you with a bitcoin address. Now you need to send crypto to this wallet address from anonymous wallet. All done! You will get your btc soon!

Step-by-step instruction

  1. First, you have to buy bitcoins on one of the listed platforms.
  2. The next step is to wait for approval from your Bank. All receiving platforms are aware of this period and they are willing to wait.
  3. Now you need to create a new anonymous wallet on one of the providers such as Electrum, Mycelium and others. You can choose any platform where you can sign up with a one-time email.
  4. Then you have to send Bitcoin from your personal account to this new one.
  5. After that, it’s time to send crypto from an anonymous wallet to an online store where you’re going to purchase drugs (or whatever)
  6. That’s it! You have to wait for your package, that is, the implementation of delivery.

Correctly follow all my recommendations, and you will successfully pass all stages.

Keep your privacy with BTC payment method

All cryptocurrencies are not regulated, and Bitcoin is not an exception. This kind of money has a high level of volatility. People who are about to buy BTC use the same anti money laundering schemes that operate with all financial transactions. When you buy any crypto coins, you don’t go under KYC (know your customer) rules. In this case, you and your supplier do not know each other. The blockchain currencies protect all the personal and financial information of both sides. Therefore this payment method is considered the most secure. It is obviously when users pay with Visa, Paypal, cash or another common way, they need to provider a vendor with the identification document and other such info. If you pay with BTC or any crypto, you are safe. The KYC policy is supposed to use paypal and credit card to purchase Bitcoin. However, in this case the transferred customers’ information is limited.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is a money that are recorded in the “virtual cloud”. Paying with BTC means transmitting online money from one account to different one.

To learn more, you need to properly read the following links:

These articles help you to understand – what is Bitcoin and how to use it.

There tutorials do not tell about one very important point, which is the confirmations that are needed for wallets to recognize crypto money. Not less than 6 conformations of the blockchain are required to approve wallets. What is confirmation? – you are probably wondering. Confirmation is the solution of complex mathematical equations to verify transactions. After that, the PC sends a request with confirmation of the solved equations to the blockchain. This happens once every ten minutes for Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies do this more often.


The link comes to the manual on how to understand Bitcoin Multisig Wallet. Before reading the text below, you need to learn: what is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and how it works.  Find out more about PGP here. Multisig protocol requires some parties involved in transactions, except BTC address. All of them are provided with public and private keys.

The BTC address is made from 3 public keys of a customer, a mediator, and a seller. The seller transfers crypto money to the address. In such situation the funds are locked. Two private keys of these parties are required to unlock and transfer them. If the customer and the seller provide their private addresses, the money will come to the second party account.

The mediator participates only in case of disputes. He usually doesn’t have access to money and provides his key only in case of urgent need. Brainwallet or other services generates the public and private keys for customers, sellers and mediators. Don’t confuse these keys with PGP keys, they are different.

The Bitcoin is decentralized currency that aren’t under any controlling managers or programmes. The blockchain is built on some principles, one of which is irreversibility of transactions. Once money were transferred from one wallet to another, there is no chance to return them without the consent of the receiver. If you bought something in any online store and paid with fiat money, but the product was not delivered, your funds will be returned to your account. But crypto money cannot be refunded. You can only make a new transaction, but not return the previous one.

Multisig is the process that is supposed participating of mediators between sellers and customers. This can help resolve the conflict between the two sides, while the transferred crypto coins are locked and have not yet been sent.


Tumblers are platforms where cryptocurrency holders can change the identification of their coins and make them belong to other accounts. Essentially, it’s a service for mixing potentially identifiable crypto assets with another. The goal is to hide the identity of the real owner. Tumbling platforms require quite a high fee for their services. In case you want to hide your coins, you need to send them to tumblers.


All cryptocurrencies work on the same algorithm as Bitcoin. Easily get any crypto coins on the same sites and keep them safe by the same scheme.

The list of Bitcoin exchanges by country

In the USA: Bitquick, Expresscoin, Indacoin, Coinbase, Paxful,  LocalBitcoins, Kraken, Bitsquare and the others.

Germany:, Fidor-Bank, Kraken..

Canada: Localbitcoins, Coinbase, Kraken,, Indiacoin, and so on

Brazil: FlowBTC,,


In the EU: Any coin-direct (SEPA, Sofort, Giropay, Ideal, MyBank, TrustPay), BitIT (Neosurf Prepaid Voucher, not available in every country), BitPanda (SEPA, Sofort, Skrill, Credit Card, Neteller, PayPal), BTCDirekt (SEPA, Sofort, Credit Card, Giropay, Neteller), Coinify (SEPA, Credit Card, PayPal), CoinMate (Sofort, SEPA, Money Polo), HappyCoins (Sofort, Ideal, Mister Cash, SEPA, Giropay, MyBank), Indacoin (Credit Card), Spectrocoin (Sofort, Giropay, IDeal, Perfect Money, SEPA), Localbitcoins.

China: Btc china, Okcoin, Huobi

Philippines:,,, and other

Japan: Kraken, Localbitcoins, Quoine, Coincheck,


New Zealand:,, Coinhhange, Localbitcoins.

Swiss: Coinbase, Localbitcoins,


Australia:,,,, and other

In developed countries like USA, Canada, Spain and some others, there are also many BTC ATMs in big cities. There are some that may not currently be used already. Check out some of them before choosing a more appropriate one.

All these direct exchanges are only the links that may not be available in your country or have already stopped working.