Cheap VPN

The list of the cheapest VPNs

We at Directdrugs know that your privacy is very important to you and we value the trust you place in our shop.

Virtual private network (VPN) is a widely used service that allows Internet users and companies to access private websites and web platforms. Cheap prices for VPN services can benefit both customers and providers. We have assembled the cheapest VPNs for your choice.

VPN is a service that is becoming an indispensable program for many users around the world, as many countries continue to adapt the idea of “firewall”, which is already used in China and other countries. VPN is a tool to overcome Internet restrictions. It is important to choose a more suitable VPN program that will be installed on your operating system and very well protect your computer from viruses and hacker attacks.

VPN working process

It is a program that helps devices (computers, laptops and smartphones) to connect to different network. The fact is that no one can view this connection, which is hidden and protected by this service. VPN is a kind of open tunnel for getting access to the Darknet and other closed web pages. In case a user has a not reliable VPN program, the data of user is not completely secured. When users have not good quality VPN services, their personal information, location and browser details can be easily decrypted.

Customers of VPN

There are several groups of customers who widely use VPN services that include:

  • Businesses
  • Users who want privacy
  • Users in the Darknet

The first group consists of businesses that need to protect their data. Startups, as well as large companies, risk material and non-material damage to their data, so they prefer to make transactions through a VPN connection, which is a safer and more profitable way for them. VPN programs protect personal data and keep it safe.

Some users do not want to be seen on the Internet. They have to be hidden because of various aspects. The thing is that you can go anywhere on the Internet via VPN but no one can track your movements there, and therefore your personal data cannot be found as well. They free their data from any risk situations. In addition, using a VPN reduces the damage caused by a malicious website or software.

The last group includes customers who need to get access to the banned websites or the Darkweb. There are a lot of websites that can be prohibited by political or national reasons. For example, China citizens have no access to such popular streaming platforms as YouTube, Netflix and the social networks – Twitter and Instagram, that are widely used around the world. Moreover, the Chinese government has established a “firewall” that prohibits most American entertainment web platforms and allows only Chinese websites to be used. The cheapest VPN solves this problem. It opens up access to a lot of new information that allows people to expand their views and see what is happening outside the country.

6 the cheapest and the best quality VPNs

  1. VPN Area (Approved  by our team)

There are many advantages of this service:

  • Cheap price that starts from $5
  • The opportunity to return money in 7 days in case the user is not satisfied with the service
  • High speed
  • Customer support service works around-the-clock
  • High level of reliability of the service
  • Access to Netflix
  • Crypto currencies are accepted
  • Ad-block option
  • Custom IP addresses are assigned

There is only one drawback that we have found is the limited number of Netflix server options.

  1. NordVPN (Approved)

The main benefits of this VPN provider include:

  • The lower price – from about $4
  • Money back option is available for the first 30 days of using
  • six connections (users) are available at the same time
  • Access to Netflix streaming platform
  • IP of users is secured and hidden
  • More than five thousands servers through more than sixty states

The service has a few shortcomings that comprise the price plan. It is a cheap program only in case you purchase 2-year using. Otherwise, the price is much higher.

  1. Earth VPN (Approved)

The advantages of this VPN vendor are:

  • One of the cheapest prices for such services – from $3 per month of use. However, the price range can vary depending on the number of months the user buys at a time
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Crypto payment method is accepted (BTC)
  • Three connections (users) are available at the same moment
  • OpenVPN encryption technology
  • Instant installation and quick start of using
  • All transactions are protected and hidden

The volatile connections are a disadvantage of this VPN service. The developers are currently working on this problem.

  1. TrustZone (Approved)

The benefits of choosing this service include:

  • The price starts from only $3.00
  • Viruses are blocked
  • Encryption option is improved
  • User’s personal data is secure
  • High speed
  • More than 100 servers around the world
  • Netflix is available
  • Torrent is open and not limited
  • Easy installation and use
  • Instant start of using after payment

The downside of this VPN provider is that it is not suitable for all devices and operating systems.

  1. Express VPN

This VPN server stands out due to some beneficial options like:

  • The cheap price that is about $6-7 per month
  • This service doesn’t record data of users
  • The huge amount of servers  – more than 2000 around 100 countries
  • High speed of the Internet

The list of disadvantages comprises:

  • This VPN is able to maintain only 3 connection at the same time
  • No information about this VPN organization on the Internet
  1. Strong VPN

Look at all the advantages of this VPN provider:

  • The monthly fee is a little less than $6
  • Customer support service – 24/7
  • It provides the fast working process with no errors and loadings
  • No data and operations recording
  • Netflix platform is open and available for all users
  • AES-256 encryption technology using

There is only one thing that makes users doubt – it is not a functional interface.

Five reasons to use VPN program

VPN is a way to get rid of some limitations and freely search the Internet. Properly read the lists of all advantages  above in order to find more appropriate VPN provider for you. Anyway, using VPN gives everyone the opportunity to open much more “hidden” information and a lot of other options that include:

  • VPN secures public network

Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous as they don’t protect users devices from viruses and stealing information. However, VPNs are able to secure the personal data of users.

  • VPN opens up location restrictions

There are some websites and streaming platforms that are not available for locals of different areas. For example, the Americans cannot watch BBC iPlayer, as the British people don’t have free access to Netflix platform. VPN program gives you the opportunity to use any website that you wish.

  • VPN gives access to banned websites and the Darknet

Feel freedom on the Internet with VPN that allows users to visit any officially prohibited website. For example, the Darknet is forbidden in Russia, but it is available in the USA.

  • VPN frees of location-based fees and payments

Some services offer much higher prices for certain groups of people due to their location. For instance, the British or German locals have to pay more than Thai people for the same services and offers.

  • VPN allows to increase the speed of online games

Sometime ISP decreases the speed of the games on purpose. However, users can avoid it by using VPN. If you think that the problem is that your operating system or antivirus program hinders the speed of the game, you are probably wrong. Most likely, these are just special barriers of the government.