Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the website is real?

A: Yes, of course. As you can see that we have a lot of reviews through the Internet that proves that we are real and sell the real products. It is not cheating.  

Q: Can you prove that this is not a scam?

A: Our company started sales about 6 years ago. There have been many complaints that people have faced scams, especially on the Internet. Also, these days there are many scams also. We regret that so many customers have chosen the wrong suppliers and not chosen us. But this industry is a big scam, there is always a chance to stumble upon frauds. However, the fact that it would be silly to deceive customers just for the sake of some 50-100 euros, when we can earn much more. If you like our services, you will probably make the order again or tell your friends about us, in consequence of which we will get more customers. There is no reason to deceive people, as it is not profitable in this case. We’d rather build a reputation than steal a little money from the people. We spent 6 years to get regular customers and a good reputation – so we don’t need to fool people when we can make money in the right way.

If this is not enough for you to be sure in our company, please leave this site and choose another seller. We focus our attention on organization and shipping processes, instead of convincing every questionable customer. Our regular customers know where to buy the best drugs, and they come to us every time they need products without constant persuasion.

Q: Can I be sure that my data is safe?

A: Yes, of course! We only need the customer’s personal information to arrange the delivery. We delete all customer data as soon as products are shipped and delivered. We never store data for any purpose, our customers can be sure of that.

Q: Are there some problems with customs or police for me?

A: No, there is no possibility that you will be affected by the police or customs. We do business for you and if there are any difficulties, we solve them without the participation of the customers.

Q: How can I get my order?

A: We only do shipping. No face to face or other options to get orders. We should use this method because it is the safest and most anonymous way to sell drugs. There are no drugs vendors that use a different shipping method. Check it out if you are in doubt.

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: There are several points that we ship from. We have five shipping points: in the USA, in the UK, in the Netherlands, in the Canada, and in the Australia. We ship products to US, UK, European and Scandinavian, Canadian, and Australian customers respectively.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: As we mentioned above, we ship only to the US, the UK, Canada, the EU, and Australia. Note that we do not ship products to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and Iraq!

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: It actually depends on the country where we ship the orders. If it is US, delivery takes 2-5 working days. In the case of Canada and Australia, the delivery time is the same – 2-5 business days as well. For European customers, delivery takes 3-7 working days. British customers have to wait only 24-72 hours (1-3 working days).

Q: How do you know that I get an order?

A: We contact our customers to get information if they are satisfied with the delivery and the quality of the product(s). We make only discrete and personal delivery.

Q: What quality of products do you offer?

A: Our products are high quality stuff, but there is only one way to check is to try out the products.You can also view customer reviews that say a lot about quality, as this is a very important feature of this range of products. But we can only say that we are confident in our products, otherwise we would not have been engaged in this business for so long.