Bolivia Kush 1 Gr


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Effects: At first, a clear sativa effect. Next, the indica genes are connected and the whole body is relaxed. Perfect for going to a club, a friendly party or just a home gathering. Vacuum (weak) press.


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Bolivia Kush – This variety is deeply rooted in Latin America. Namely, to Bolivia. Bolivia Kush combines Colombian Sativa and Ecuadorian Indica. The Portuguese conquistadors imported these marijuana seeds from Ecuador and Colombia. And then everything is simple. One variety pollinated another, and so the first seeds of the Bolivian Porridge appeared. In April 1952, an uprising took place in La Paz, which marked the beginning of the Bolivian Revolution of 1952. In general, being the center of the political life of the country, La Paz constantly served as the main arena for numerous uprisings, coups, revolutions and juntas throughout the 20th century. were in the history of the country. Only in 1985, free and general elections were held in the country. During the revolutions, farmers from the northern suburbs of LA PAS planted seeds and thanks to the subtropical climate they sprouted! And so the first BOLIVIAN marijuana variety came about. Little is known about him since the first plantations were in the north of Bolivia, and to get there you had to cross EL CAMINO DEL MUERTE – the road of death. Not everyone dares to go there. It is for these reasons that little is known about the variety. But, thanks to Canadian and American scientists, Bolivia Kush got a second life. Genetics were able to adapt the variety for growth in Indore. The variety contains 23% THC and 1.3 CBD. Genetics Columbian Sativa 70% and Ecuador Indica 30%.