25 x 100ug ALD-52 / 1A-LSD Blotters

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“LSD was one of the most profound experiences of my life”


Chemical: ALD-52, 1A-LSD, 1-acetyl-lysergic acid diethylamide
Dose: 100mcg
Purity: >98%

ALD-52 is the N-acetyl derivative of LSD. Given that there is little literature on this material, there arises a great opportunity to study and research its physical and chemical properties. As always with lysergamides, extreme care must be taken when handling this material and protective gloves should be worn at all times.

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ALD-52 has a mild to strong visual effect (CEVs & OEVs) with a very smooth “comeup”,great headspace, visual enhancements, emotional enhancements, and the inevitable “comedown” that feels just as slow, with much LESS anxiety than other psychedelics.

You can expect to peak in about 4 hours followed by the slow “return”. The “ego death” phase is to be understood before attempting to consume this product. You will feel it at low doses, even 50mcg, if not experienced with psychedelics.

ALD-52 sharpens the senses. Much less ‘melting’ than what you can expect with 1P-LSD, but it occurs and its amazing. The geometry of ALD-52 is very similar to that of its close relative LSD-25.

The geometry of ALD-52 is suspected (but not confirmed) to lead to level 8A geometry (similar to LSD). Go out in nature and observe the plants and buildings, you will be able to see the geometry of the structures right before it all melts away and you realize everything is just waves


BEGINNER 25-75ug
USER 75-150ug
PRO 150-500ug+


Onset 45-90 minutes

Duration 9-14 hours

After-effects 12-24h

Total duration of trip should not cross 12 to 14 hours but some users report up to 25 hours. It may be wise to prepare a day off before and after just in case.


Welcome, some tips for beginners with ALD-52 include the usual close attention to SET and SETTING, meditation before the trip, and NEVER take over 125mcg for your first time!

Another tip which you may wish to wait until you pursue a higher dose for this is to make a list/ mental plan of why you are tripping and what you want out of it and then visiting this on the trip. This can lead to very introspective experiences which I find can be very beneficial for enhancing your daily life through positivity. A trip report is also advisable as you are able to keep track of the progress if you wish to do so.

All psychedelics share the same objective though! – Ego loss/dissolution/death so tread CAREFULLY!

You are your own responsibility.

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